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Life has been so busy lately that I find every turn and change brings more. I was supposed to be visiting a friend in another state this week, but we had some issues with our truck. Hubby has those fixed now, so instead, the kids and I are going to do a three day ‘staycation’ here locally where we can swim all day and cuddle the cutest niece ever – mine! (My brother has a pool – yay!!!)

So, while life is in an uproar, I love to pick up a short story and be able to sit down and read! Don’t you? Well, when my friend Rose Fairbanks decided to publish her first novella, I told her I would read it and give a review on my blog. So, we now join back up with her Impertinent Morning Calls blog tour for my review of the story ‘The Gentleman’s Impertinent Daughter’.

Story Blurb:


When Fitzwilliam Darcy visits Hyde Park with his sister, he expects nothing more than a quiet walk on a fine day.  Instead, he meets a young woman who challenges his ideas and pulls his sister out of her melancholy.  He soon realizes Elizabeth Bennet is the only woman in the world with whom he could spend the rest of his life.

Elizabeth, clever and self-assured, refuses to change for the sake of gaining a husband, a prospect she finds impossible regardless. With wit and independence rather than fortune, she is entirely convinced no sensible man would have her, and she cannot respect a fool. Can Darcy prove to be this impossible man? Or is a figure from his past an insurmountable obstacle to a future with The Gentleman’s Impertinent Daughter?

Overall, the one word I would use to sum up this entire story is: sweet. Not too syrupy, not too bitter – just sweet! Like the perfect drop of honey in a cup of warm tea.

I enjoyed the banter, the instant connection, and the small story plot. For a longer story, I would have liked to see how it developed a little more, but for the short novella that it was, I liked it. I am all for the instant connection of ODC – just call me a relationship angst weenie! 

One of my favorite lines that pretty much sums up the title is this:

 “I dare not call impertinent what is charming outspokenness of a sound mind.” 

What lady wouldn’t want a gentleman to find the fault in her character to be charming instead? 

**happy sigh** 

I have to say, that part reminded me of my hubby. He always tells me things like that, or says he likes to rile me up cause he thinks I am beautiful when I am mad. I don’t get it. The Darcy in this story though reminded me a lot of my own hubby.

I would give this one 4 stars. If you are looking for a lot of action, intense plot twists, or a deep story, this one might not be too much to your liking. While not what I would call a thrilling page turner, it is still a sweet story and one I will pick up over and over again when I want to tune out the world around me and read something low angst and happy right from the start.

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