Cover Reveal! (Just to Hear ‘I Love You’)

Well, it was inevitable – I knew eventually I would need to get my own site, and that time has come. I have moved all my blog posts over to my wordpress site and will continue to update over there. I will also be changing my signature links to there, so some may never see this post in my blogger blog. 

I am also in the final days of editing for my newest story – Just to Hear I Love You. It is on pre-order right now as my team finishes spiffying it up, and will make its debut on my birthday – September 29th. What better birthday gift than to get a new book out on that day! So keep your eye out for this story in the coming weeks!

And now for a cover reveal. Drumroll please……… Here is the new book cover in all its glory! 
CLICK HERE to pre-order and save! 
Just to Hear ‘I Love You’
An Alternate tale of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride & Prejudice’

Mary Bennet’s life forever changes when a childhood accident leaves her isolated in a silent world. Her sister Elizabeth emerges as her fiercest champion and unstinting protector. When further tragedy befalls Longbourn, Aunt and Uncle Gardiner embrace their orphaned nieces into their London household.

Mary and Elizabeth must face the disapprobation of London society as they endure a Season of intense scrutiny. Will Mary’s own dearest wish— just to hear ‘I love you’ —ever come to be, or will being deaf forever consign her to life apart? The sisters must face their past and Mary’s worst critic when another family’s tragedy lands directly on their doorstep. Will they have the strength to endure for the sake of another?



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