Leaving Bennet Behind – Book #2: The Journey Begins

I know a lot of you will be happy to know that I can now move on to getting LBB #2 started! WOOHOOO I can hear the cheers now!

Though this one has not yet been named, I do have the covers made, so here is a sneak peek for you:


That lady just has an elegance about her that I picture as being in Jane – isn’t she pretty? The minute I saw her I knew I had to use her on this book. As for the color – well, anyone that knows me knows pink is my least favorite color, but sometimes it just calls for pink. This cover definitely did just that. I tried some other colors, but they did not work as well as the pink, so pink it is!

Now about the story – my reworking of the story line from the original into this series means I have yet to introduce our villains into the plot (other than a brief look at Mrs Philips). So book #2 will introduce the others. It will also tell the story focusing on the time period in which Jane and Mr Bingley build their relationship and eventually marry. For anyone who has read the long story, part of this book will also detail the struggles of Mr and Mrs Hurst, and what I hope is a good turn for them and their lives. Unfortunately Caroline has to show up as well, but I will try to keep her part to a minimum as much as possible.

Are you excited? Ok – off to open my files and get started!

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