Under Construction


Over the last year my blogging has taken a drastic change. First I actually cleaned up an old blog I had lying around that I had not touched since about five years ago and I revamped it when I published my first book. Then I decided to switch from Blogger to WordPress – for so many good reasons, mainly that WP offers more variety for what my page needs. Now I have gone from a basic wordpress blog to a hosted website with my own domain. How exciting is that! I was going to hold off on switching over to this site until after Christmas. I figured it would give me a few months to get it set up and looking good. However, there were some features I needed that my WP blog just would not provide, so I went ahead and switched over now.

Because of this long and tedious process of learning what is and is not needed for my site, as well as trying different looks until I find what will work best, you can expect to see changes on this site on probably close to a daily basis, if not at least weekly basis. I don’t like to leave things for very long and playing around is how I learn. So if there is ever something that pops up that you do not like, feel free to leave a comment below and let me know. I want my site to be pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate, as well as fun and a reflection of what I write.

Thank you for your patience as this site grows to encompass all that is needed in this journey of mine.