The Peculiar Ramblings Library – Grand Opening!



As many of you know, my friends and I have had a monthly newsletter, Peculiar Ramblings, for nearly six months now. It is exciting to see it grow and bring us all together in amazing ways. I have found an wonderful group of co-workers, and most of all friends, in the ladies who help me every month. – Leslie Diamond, Zoe Burton, Rose Fairbanks, and Eileen Brown.


We are all authors, and what an author needs most is readers. So, in an effort to provide our Peculiar Ramblings authors with a safe place to post our stories, whether short or long, for everyone to read, we have built a digital library. It will be ever growing as we each add more of our stories, both old and new, to the library shelves. We hope you enjoy the site and come back often to visit, keep up on the postings going up, and comment – after all, your comments give us authors the boost we sometimes need to push through a difficult writing session.


In order to provide the safety needed to have these stories remain free to all, however, it is necessary that our library be password protected. So please keep the following case sensitive password in mind when logging in:  AustenClassics!

This is the same password we use for our Peculiar Ramblings Newsletter every month. Hopefully that will keep things easy for you (and us!!).


I would be remiss if I did not mention my special thanks to Stephanie Hamm for her help in dealing with the coding issues that came up. I am not as adept at coding as she is, and she was able to fix the small details that boggled my mind. She was a true Godsend in the last few weeks of preparations, and the wonderful look we have achieved is due to her efforts. So thank you, Stephanie!


The library can be found by clicking the images in this post, under the new Library tab on the menu, or at the following url:


So now, we take out the virtual scissors and cut the ribbon on the brand new – Peculiar Ramblings Library! WELCOME and ENJOY!



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