New Author Leenie Brown!

I remember it well the night I first met the now famous Leenie Brown. It was a dark and stormy night…


Ok, so maybe it wasn’t so dramatic as that. I don’t remember the exact night we met, but it was one evening when something drew us both to Chat on the A Happy Assembly board. We hit it off from the start though, and have since formed a great friendship – I would even call her one of my best friends, even though we have never actually met.


It is such a wonderful moment for me now to introduce you to Ms Eileen Brown, or as she will soon be better known – Leenie Brown, Author!!




I have had to privilege these last seven months to have Eileen as one of the five contributing members of the Peculiar Ramblings Newsletter. She is a true gem with her pen, as well as her spatula, and likes to whip up the recipes we feature just to test them out before they go out to our public every month.


It is a great honour to now call her a published author! Her first book, Oxford Cottage, is a wonderful tale of our favorite Pride & Prejudice characters, told in a unique and fascinating variation from the original.



On a rainy day in April, Fitzwilliam Darcy and Charles Bingley stop to ask a gentleman for directions to Netherfield since the ones they have been given appear to be faulty. At the gentleman’s insistence Darcy and his friend seek refuge from the rain at a nearby cottage. The young woman who greets them captivates Darcy with both her beauty and character. Elizabeth Bennet possesses a quick mind and a determined spirit. She is resolved to complete the challenge her father has set before her at Oxford Cottage. However, she does not expect to be met by a handsome stranger and fall in love, nor does she expect to find herself thrust into a situation where her quick thinking may be all that can keep both herself and her young companion safe.

Doesn’t that sound like such a fabulous story? It is – believe me, this is one you will read over and over again!


You can purchase this one in either Trade Paperback or EBook format on Amazon and Kobo.


And I have one more morsel for those who have read this far down this blog post already – The FIRST person to comment below, or tell me on Facebook or Twitter, the answer to the following question, I will gift you an ebook copy of this new book through Amazon.

What is Eileen’s favorite flower?


First to answer correctly wins!!

**A winner has been chosen!  Congratulations, Tina for guessing the correct flower!**


        • Sarah Johnson says:

          LOL Good guess, but again, nope. She did say though that pink and white roses hold a special place for her because her hubby gave those to her their first valentine’s day. BUT they are not her favorite!

          • Eileen Brown says:

            Way to go Tina! You got it…or one of my favourites. I also like daffodils. Both are such happy flowers! And since you worked so hard to get the right answer, may I tell you why pink and white roses are my favourite roses?

            On the first Valentine’s Day I ever celebrated with my DH when we were just dating, he got me pink and white roses–6 of each. He was a bit apologetic when he gave them to me since they were not the traditional red roses, but he said “red are so ordinary and you are not ordinary.” Isn’t he sweet? 🙂

            Anyway, congratulations on guessing correctly. Sarah sent me a message that you had won and asked if I would let you know that tomorrow when she is back on her computer, she will be in touch with you with the gift. (I hope you enjoy it!)

            🙂 Leenie

  1. Tina says:

    Thank you. That last guess was just a guess. lol. Could you tell Sarah that she has me on her facebook. I’m Tina Carter on her friends list. Thank you again.

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