New Book! “Coloring with Jane”



My latest project has been a little out of my norm, and I hope y’all appreciate it. I love to color, as do so many like me, so I thought it was time I try my hand at putting together a coloring book. I know people think I am uber-creative and can do anything, but there was one flaw in my plan – I do not draw. Not even a little bit. I had to transfer out of art class when I was in high school because I couldn’t even draw a stick man straight. So I went to my plethora of collected artwork from 18th and 19th Century and made them into coloring page images. Some were easy, others were more difficult, and some did not work at all, no matter how much I wanted them to. The final pieces chosen are from post cards, magazines, or advertising labels and banners. I have combined them with twenty-five of my favorite Jane Austen quotes, because, let’s face it, she has some of the best book quotes out there!


You can order the printed and bound book version of “Coloring with Jane: A Mind Lively and at Ease” through CreateSpace right now. It will be available at Amazon in a few days (whenever they decide to list it), and I will let you know when that is available.

Or, for those who want to invest a little more into the PDF version that can be printed from your own computer as many times as you desire, I have set up my own Etsy shop!

Just click the buttons below to take you to the pages where you can buy this coloring book! I hope you will enjoy hours of fun with this new project! If it is well received I may have to do a second edition, as we all know there are plenty more Jane Austen quotes out there to use!


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