Helping Alex Martin

Pray for Alex Martin

One of the things that continues to draw me to the JAFF (Jane Austen Fan Fiction) community are all the wonderful people who unite in sometimes odd ways to make the lives of our fellow Jane Austen friends better, happier, or easier. That is the case with the situation set before us now – that of Alex Martin.

Julianne Martin has been an active part of the JAFF community for years. I remember praying with her through the pregnancies of her sons, as well as counting down the days until their births, rejoicing in their firsts, and smiling over the many pictures she has posted on the forums. Now the doctors have diagnosed her youngest son, two year old Alex, with a seizure condition. Due to the severity of his condition and the worsening of his abilities, Alex is in need of a specially trained service dog. Because it is a specially trained service animal, the cost is quite extraordinary – it completely blew me away when I first saw the number of nearly $10,000 – I can imagine it is how the family felt as well. So far just over half has been raised.

Here is where you can help. A few JAFF authors are gathering together to help the Martin family raise the additional funds needed. If you donate to help this family, we invite you to fill out the form provided below and choose a gift from the list. Also grab the blog/forum button at the top of this post to tell others of this opportunity. (Just copy and save it on your computer – it is provided in a size appropriate for the forums). Most of all, THANK YOU for all you will do to help!

You can read the detailed story of Alex’s journey, as well as donate to the cause, here. The facebook group for this need can be found here. If you are a JAFF author and would like to add your books to any of the lists below, please email me at: .

Please donate, then fill out the form at the bottom of this blog post with the information we need, and the author will be in touch with you. (Please allow them 30 days to fulfill their promise of a gift. Though I am sure most will not take that long to get to you, we are all busy people and sometimes we need a little while to get to it).


Puppy Protector: $10 donation.

Receive a gift of donor’s choice of ebook from the list of novellas below:

The Keys for Love, by Wendi Sotis  Captains Log:, by Sarah Johnson  Snow Storms & Kissing Games, by Sarah Johnson  I Promise To..., by Zoe Burton  The Gentleman's Impertinent Daughter, by Rose Fairbanks  Letters from the Heart, by Rose Fairbanks  Mister Darcy's Dogs,  by Barbara Silkstone  The Darcys of Derbyshire, by Abigail Reynolds


Canine Crusader: $25 donation. 

Receive a gift of donor’s choice of one ebook from the list of novels below:

Promises, by Wendi Sotis  Dreams & Expectations, by Wendi Sotis  All Hallows Eve, by Wendi Sotis  The Gypsy Blessing, by Wendi Sotis  Foundations Of Love, by Wendi Sotis  Accidentally Yours, by Robin Helm  Sincerely Yours, by Robin Helm  Forever Yours, by Robin Helm  Guardian, by Robin Helm  Soul Fire, by Robin Helm  Legacy, by Robin Helm  Chosen (Leaving Bennet Behind, vol 1), by Sarah Johnson  Just To Hear 'I Love You', by Sarah Johnson  One Thread Pulled, by Diana J Oaks  Master Under Good Regulation, by Kara Louise  Darcy's Passions, by regina Jeffers  Captain Frederick Wentworth's Persuasion, by Regina Jeffers  Rain and Retribution, by Leslie L Diamond  A Matter of Chance, by Leslie L Diamond


Top Dog: $100 donation.

Receive a gift of donor’s choice from any one author below:

Elizabeth Ann West will gift one autographed paperback of donor’s choice of any of her books – The Trouble with Horses, A Winter Wrong, A Spring Sentiment, A Summer Shame, and By Consequence of Marriage. Three readers at this level will be randomly selected to choose a character name in an upcoming 2015 release.

Sarah Johnson will gift one autographed paperback (US only) of donor’s choice of either Chosen (Leaving Bennet Behind, vol 1), or Just to Hear ‘I Love You’, or ebook of either (US or international).

Wendi Sotis will gift one autographed paperback (US only) of The Gypsy Blessing series (The Gypsy Blessing and Foundations of Love), or ebook of The Gypsy Blessing series (US or International).  One reader at this level will be randomly selected to win an audiobook of their choice of either: The Keys for Love, or The Gypsy Blessing.

Robin Helm will gift one autographed paperback (US only) of donor’s choice of either series, The Guardian Trilogy (Guardian, SoulFire, and Legacy) or Yours By Design  series (Accidentally Yours, Sincerely Yours, and Forever Yours), or ebooks of either series (US or International).

Diana J Oaks will gift one autographed paperback (US only) of One Thread Pulled .

Rose Fairbanks will gift one autographed paperback (US only) of each of her novellas, The Gentleman’s Impertinent Daughter and Letter from the Heart (to be sent once it is released).

Barbara Silkstone will gift one autographed paperback (US only) of Mister Darcy’s Dogs.

Abigail Reynolds will gift one autographed paperback (US only) of Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy: The Last Man in the World.

Regina Jeffers will gift one autographed paperback (US or International) of any one of her nine Austen related titles.