My readers have been very patient, allowing me to finish the already started projects I had in my head before I went back to focus on Leaving Bennet Behind once again. It has now paid off, as those other books are out of the way, and now today Leaving Bennet Behind, Volume 2 – Cherished – is available!


I am currently working on setting up account with all the major ebook retailers, so if you will extend your patience just a few more weeks, this and all my books will be available also on Nook, Kobo, iTunes, and Google. I will let you know when those are ready. For now Cherished is available in both ebook and trade paperback on Amazon.


Cover Reveal and What’s New

As I sit here trying to clear my mind of the last scene I wrote (tehehehehe, a fainting Mr Collins – who doesn’t like that!!), I remembered that I have not updated on my blog lately. So I thought I would throw a few lines out there for all my readers.

What’s new. Hmmm….let me see. I found an awesome deal (43% off!!) on sound deafening ear muffs, so I got those in the mail yesterday and they are working fabulous. They cut most of the glaring noise made from a loud hubby and six kids in a small house and allow me to focus better on what I am writing.

I moved my desk away from the window in hopes that I won’t freeze this winter, and so far it is working out well. We will see. I still have three book cases to organize because of this change, but for now I am ignoring the mess beside me and just writing. Sometime in the next few days I will have to get to that though.

Leaving Bennet Behind, Volume #2 is coming along wonderfully and should be completed on time. I am not giving dates on here, cause I hate to do that and not make it, but hopefully this one will be out very soon. As soon as I am done with the writing/editing I will get it up for preorder on Amazon. Keep your eyes open for it!

In other news, the story that tells of the trials and triumphs of our beloved characters during the time period in which Jane gets married to Charles Bingley now has a name. *** drum-roll please……. *** And the book shall be called…





Awwww…isn’t that such a sweet name! It really reflects Jane well, don’t you think?

Are y’all as excited over this book finally coming out soon as I am? I know, I know, everyone is REALLY eager for #3 when Mary finally ties the knot.