Cupid’s Traps: A Matchmaker’s Tale

CupidsTraps-Book-StandingCupid’s Traps: A Matchmaker’s Tale

A ‘Pride & Prejudice’ Novella Variation

William Shakespeare said it best when he penned, ‘Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps’
Georgiana Darcy, in her first matchmaking adventure, might need to call in a few favors from her family, or even Cupid himself, in order to pull off the perfect match for her brother, Fitzwilliam Darcy. He is truly smitten, but the lady, Miss Elizabeth Bennet, is not impressed with his character. Within the throes of Cupid’s traps, will she finally see that her heart is touched by this handsome gentleman before these traps force them into a union?
ISBN-10:  1512386626
ISBN-13:  978-1512386622
Paperback: 160 pages
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