Just to Hear ‘I Love You’

SarahJohnson-3DBook-JustToHearILoveYou-LayersJust to Hear ‘I Love You’

A Pride & Prejudice Novel Variation

Mary Bennet’s life changes forever when a childhood accident leaves her isolated in a silent world. Her sister Elizabeth emerges as her fiercest champion and unstinting protector. When further tragedy befalls Longbourn, Aunt and Uncle Gardiner embrace their orphaned nieces into their London household. Mary and Elizabeth must face the disapprobation of London society as they endure a Season of intense scrutiny. Will Mary’s own dearest wish— just to hear ‘I love you’ —ever come to be, or will her deafness forever consign her to life apart? The sisters must face their past and Mary’s worst critic when another family’s tragedy lands directly on their doorstep. Will they both have the strength to return love from unexpected suitors?
15 September 2014
ISBN: 1500734012
ISBN 13: 978-1500734015
ASIN: B00MWC9370
Print Length: 378 pages
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