Whispered Kisses

WhisperedKisses-Book-StandingWhispered Kisses

A ‘Pride & Prejudice’ Novella Variation

Elizabeth Bennet is a romantic at heart—a dreamer and a writer. While in London, she begins receiving flowers anonymously. Her romantic sensibilities are heightened, leading her mind to create an image of who the giver could be. She soon returns to her home in Hertfordshire with only her memories and thoughts as her constant companions. Months go by without anything, and then, with the news of a visitor to the neighborhood, she once again receives a posy of flowers just before the neighborhood Assembly. Will her romantic dreams of the gentleman’s character tell a true tale or just leave her heart reeling for a love only possible in her fantasies?
February 16, 2015
ISBN-10:  1507602065
ISBN-13:  978-1507602065
Paperback: 121 pages
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