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My last book, Sweet Caresses, is a collection of short stories divided into two sections, Regency stories and Modern stories. Between the stories I have letters written to different people spanning the different novels, but for the modern section I thought a good alternative to a letter would be a Twitter conversation or a text conversation. So that is what I wrote to go between the modern stories.

I have now put these two into a pdf that you can download, read, and share. Click here to get your copy: Sweet Caresses by Sarah Johnson – Excerpt


Wordless Wednesday: Regency Wedding



Wedding – Interior of St. George’s church in Hanover Square, London.

More information on Regency weddings and St. George’s church can be found here.

New Release!! Sweet Caresses

I know everyone is anxiously awaiting the final Leaving Bennet Behind series book, but while I am working on that, I thought it would be fun to put together a collection of short stories, both modern and Regency, that I have written over the years. Interspersed in the book are also letters and other fun tid-bits that are new for this project. I shared A Conversation on Twitter the other day if you want to get a small glimpse of something new.



As a bonus, I added the complete novella Captain’s Log: to the book as well. I hope those who have not read it like the addition of it in this collection of short stories. It began as a short story also, but was later expanded into the novella it is now. So when I was trying to decide whether to include the earlier version, it just made more sense to give you the entire story.

As with all my books, Sweet Caresses is available in eBook and Trade Paperback formats on:

Amazon | Kobo | CreateSpace

(It will be listed at Barnes and Noble very soon, and when it is, I will put that link up as well.)

Sneak Peek: A Conversation on Twitter

Usually I do my Sneak Peeks on Saturdays, but this week I am off a few days. Oh well – I figure y’all won’t mind if it’s not Saturday yet. Right?

This one is a modern twist – a fun little conversation held on Twitter between our favorite Pride & Prejudice characters. It is featured in my new book Sweet Caresses that will be hitting the shelves in the next few days!

Let me know what you think!

(Special Thanks to Robin, Lisa, and Joshua who helped me out with the layout issues I was having with understanding Twitter.)



A conversation on Twitter:



SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Lydia-Wild4u-2Lydia Bennet @Wild4U

OMG my sister @HikerBikerGirl needs a man. #blindatesrock #helpmesetupmysister


SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Kitty-WannaBWild4u-2Kitty Bennet @WannaBWild4U

@Wild4U YES! We know @SoldierBoy. #guysinuniformarehot



SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Bingley-JanesCharlie-2Charles Bingley @JanesCharlie

@Wild4U My friend @BigBadD needs a date #ilovejanie #fixinupmyfriend



SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Elizabeth-HikerBikerGirl-3Elizabeth Bennet @HikerBikerGirl

@JanesCharlie NOT going out with someone named @BigBadD. Ego a little? #singlebuthappy #dontneedadate


SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Darcy-BigBadD-2William Darcy @BigBadD

@HikerBikerGirl Actually my little sis @Sweetling named me. #babysistersruletheroost


SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Lydia-Wild4u-2Lydia Bennet @Wild4U

@HikerBikerGirl There’s always @CollinsTheDreamBoat! #ooohlala



SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Elizabeth-HikerBikerGirl-3Elizabeth Bennet @HikerBikerGirl

@Wild4U AB-SO-FREAK-IN-LUTE-LY NOT!! #littlesistersareannoying #gagme #worstdateever #blinddateproposal #helpmeforget


SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Darcy-BigBadD-2William Darcy @BigBadD

@JanesCharlie Not interested in #bikerchicks



SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Wickham-SoldierBoy-2George Wickham @SoldierBoy

@BigBadD Chicks in leather rock! @HikerBikerGirl can ride with me any day!



SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Elizabeth-HikerBikerGirl-3Elizabeth Bennet @HikerBikerGirl

@SoldierBoy Some bikers wear spandex! #cyclinglife



SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Wickham-SoldierBoy-2George Wickham @SoldierBoy

@HikerBikerGirl Leather or spandex – either one makes me **growl** #BabesOnBikes


SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Bingley-JanesCharlie-2Charles Bingley @JanesCharlie

@BigBadD What, cyclists scare you now?



SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Jane-CharliesAngel-2Jane Bennet @CharliesAngel

@HikerBikerGirl U might like @BigBadD. I do! #sistersarebestfriendsforlife #trustme


SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Mary-MaryQuiteContrary-2Mary Bennet @MaryQuiteContrary

@HikerBikerGirl @CharliesAngel likes everyone. I say stay home with a good book. #JaneAustenFan!


SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Elizabeth-HikerBikerGirl-3Elizabeth Bennet @HikerBikerGirl

@MaryQuiteContrary Thank you! No set-ups! #blinddatessuck. Would rather be #single than #setup.


SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Jane-CharliesAngel-2Jane Bennet @CharliesAngel

@HikerBikerGirl Meet at @JanesCharlie’s party. No pressure. #ILoveCharlie



SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Wickham-SoldierBoy-2George Wickham @SoldierBoy

@HikerBikerGirl **catcall** go with me sweet cheeks! #knowshowtoparty



SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Jane-CharliesAngel-2Jane Bennet @CharliesAngel

@HikerBikerGirl You do need a date.



SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Mary-MaryQuiteContrary-2Mary Bennet @MaryQuiteContrary

@HikerBikerGirl At least @JanesCharlie you can trust. Not so sure about @SoldierBoy or @CollinsTheDreamBoat.


SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Elizabeth-HikerBikerGirl-3Elizabeth Bennet @HikerBikerGirl

@CharliesAngel Fine! Not getting fancy though!



SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Jane-CharliesAngel-2Jane Bennet @CharliesAngel

@HikerBikerGirl Just don’t embarrass me by wearing one of your work suits.



SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Elizabeth-HikerBikerGirl-3Elizabeth Bennet @HikerBikerGirl

@CharliesAngel uuuuggghhhhhhh Fine!



SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Bingley-JanesCharlie-2Charles Bingley @JanesCharlie

@HikerBikerGirl My sis @CarolineIsTheBomb will be jealous! @BigBadD won’t go out with her.


SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Lydia-Wild4u-2Lydia Bennet @Wild4U

** @HikerBikerGirl and @BigBadD sitting in a tree… ** #kissyface Now @SoldierBoy can go with me! #bestpartyever


SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Elizabeth-HikerBikerGirl-3Elizabeth Bennet @HikerBikerGirl

Already regretting @JanesCharlie’s party.



SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Darcy-BigBadD-2William Darcy @BigBadD

@JanesCharlie Do I get a say in this?



SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Bingley-JanesCharlie-2Charles Bingley @JanesCharlie

@BigBadD NO! You are going with my gf’s sis @HikerBikerGirl! #SuckItUp #BeAMan #ILoveJanie


SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Darcy-BigBadD-2William Darcy @BigBadD

@JanesCharlieYou owe me – BIG time!



SweetCaresses-TwitterImages-Elizabeth-HikerBikerGirl-3Elizabeth Bennet @HikerBikerGirl

@BigBadD We have to find a way to pay them back for this. I’m not above #teenpranks





Giveaway WINNERS!!!

Sorry about the delay in getting these winners chosen – life was just not conducive to working yesterday with doctor appointments and kids. I am back at it today though, and my first job is to get this taken care of!

To all those who entered through the blog post, twitter, or on fb, I just want to say thank you! I had 58 entries! That just blows my mind.

And now, without further ado, here are the winners of Cupid’s Traps: A Matchmaker’s Tale:



I will be contacting each of you through the email you used when you signed up for the giveaway, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Again, THANK YOU to all who entered! I love to give away things, especially randomly on facebook, so if we are not friends there, feel free to add me. (Sarah Johnson Author)

Book RELEASE and GIVEAWAY: Cupid’s Traps


My newest book, Cupid’s Traps: A Matchmaker’s Tale, will be hitting the shelves this Saturday, June 13th (which happens to be my anniversary as well!). So I am holding a giveaway! Several ways to enter daily, with 3 prizes total to be given away – two eBook editions and 1 signed Print edition.

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Saturday Sneak Peek: Cupid’s Traps Cover Reveal!

Blog-SaturdaySneakPeeks-GeneralBookIt is that time again – time to do another Saturday Sneak Peek post! YAY!!

This time it is a cover reveal for Cupid’s Traps: A Matchmaker’s Tale. This novella will be coming out very very soon, and I have already posted a few peeks at the story online. One was posted a few weeks ago here on my blog. (You can read it here.)



CupidsTraps-EBook-FinalWilliam Shakespeare said it best when he penned, ‘Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps’.

Georgiana Darcy, in her first matchmaking adventure, might need to call in a few favors from her family, or even Cupid himself, in order to pull off the perfect match for her brother, Fitzwilliam Darcy. He is truly smitten, but the lady, Miss Elizabeth Bennet, is not impressed with his character. Within the throes of Cupid’s traps, will she finally see that her heart is touched by this handsome gentleman before these traps force them into a union?


For those who want a peek at the print book cover, here you go:


The files are off to be formatted and this one will be ready for its debut very soon, so keep your eye out!   (expected release is June 15th – or there about)



Blog Tour: L.L. Diamond, An Unwavering Trust



I am so excited to be a part of my friend Leslie L Diamond’s blog tour for her newest book, An Unwavering Trust. I have not read it yet, but this one is on my list to read very soon!

And now, a post from Leslie about the inspiration estate that makes its appearance in her book, An Unwavering Trust.


11281819_448846031951758_933692877_nInspiration for Sagemore

Thanks, Sarah for having me today! I’m so excited to share with everyone a little of how I was inspired for Darcy’s estate Sagemore in my new book!

I first came up with the initial tidbits that began An Unwavering Trust while writing A Matter of Chance. It was a bit different in the initial plot bunny, but several plot points remained essentially the same including the fact that I needed Darcy to have an estate of his own.

Initially, I had planned an estate in Scotland, but I changed my mind for several reasons. Yes, it was easy to marry in Scotland with few impediments, but I decided I wanted some sort of family around our dear couple as they begin to find their way and Scotland would have likely been construed as an elopement, which was not as respected as a wedding with family in attendance.

I also saw pictures of my inspiration for Darcy’s estate and fell in love.

Now, if I had the millions of pounds (almost £8 million pounds if I remember correctly), I would have sprinted across the Atlantic (I was still living in Omaha, Nebraska at the time.) and bought the house. The entire setting and atmosphere appealed to me. The house sits on five acres on an island in the Thames for goodness sakes!

For those unfamiliar with the house, it lies just outside of the small town of Sonning Eye, and depending upon the source, either in Oxfordshire or northern Berkshire (I used Oxfordshire in the story). The original structure was built in the 17th century (1628) and was remodeled in the 18th century when it was given a Georgian façade.

I searched the Mill House at Sonning Eye or Aberlash house repeatedly and just marveled at the island, the picturesque bridge crossing to the mainland, and the landscaping. It is a lovely spot! I wish I could find the source that mentioned the Magnolia trees lining a part of the drive. Magnolias were still relatively new to England in 1811, but I still used the reference.

“As they both donned their gloves, the stones of the bridge rattled against the hard wheels of the carriage, and she shifted to the side so she could see the Magnolia trees lining the road.

When they first travelled to Sagemore, the Magnolias had fascinated her. She had never seen one until that day, and she had walked amongst them, studying the dark, waxy leaves and brilliant white flowers larger than her own hand.”

The house was originally owned by the Rich family, who were wealthy London merchants and money lenders. In 1797, the home was sold to a miller from Berkshire by the name of Thomas May for his third son. The property has changed hands many times over the almost four hundred years of its existence.

The latest owners are none other than George Clooney and his new wife. I suppose that means I have good taste. 😉 As my mother always joked, I have always had champagne taste on a beer income!


Thank you Leslie for joining us here today, and here are the links where you can get this book, An Unwavering Trust, in Print and eBook format:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | Kobo | iTunes | CreateSpace



Sources and for more information and pictures: