Peculiar Ramblings Library



We are very excited to offer this new feature to the website! While we all love publishing our books, our real stories as writers all began on the Jane Austen Fan Fiction (JAFF) forums. Our plot bunnies were nourished on these forums, and many of our early works and short stories, as well as some of our published works and our current work-in-progress (WIP) stories are available on the boards to be freely read. So it was not much of a stretch for us to want to provide a place through this website to also read our stories for free.


However, with the search engines and restrictions, we are required to have our stories protected by a sign-in process. For free access to our Peculiar Ramblings Library, you will need the following case sensitive password:



Please CLICK HERE (or on the image above) to get to the library.


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