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Thank you for your interest in my custom designs. Though not classically trained, I have been designing custom projects for the last 14+ years. Some of my previous projects include the following: church and event bulletins, play scripts, musicale flyers, printable game boards, bookmarks, t-shirt designs, personalized printables, club badges, certificates and achievement printables, book covers (both print and ebook), blog backgrounds, forum banners and gifs, and blog/website buttons. Though I have had fun throughout the years, my main focus now is in custom book covers. If, however, you are interested in any other of these products listed, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page, and I will get with you about what you wish to have designed.


If you are interested in having a custom design for your book cover, whether eBook or printed book, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. I specialize in custom designs and book covers for the genres of historical or modern: romance, inspirational, western, or general. I do not design bodice ripper covers that leave little to the imagination. I also do not do vampires, paranormal, horror, and the like. I do not have any sci-fi covers in my portfolio, though I would not be opposed to doing those, as long as they are clean. If you have a specific question about an image you want to use, I will be glad to view it and let you know if I am comfortable designing your book cover.


To view a sampling of my covers, both ebook and print, as well as advertising banners, please visit here:


Custom Book Design Prices:

  • Custom EBook Cover – $90
  • Custom Print Book Cover – $110
  • Custom EBook and Print Book Cover  – $135
  • *Pre-Made EBook Cover – $45 (and up depending on number of consultations)
  • *Pre-made Print Cover – $55 (and up depending on number of consultations)
  • *Pre-made EBook and Print Book Cover – $60 (and up depending on number of consultations)
  • Series EBook Cover (designed similar to a previous PWD cover) – $60
  • Series Print Cover (designed similar to a previous PWD cover) – $70
  • Series EBook and Print Cover (designed similar to a previous PWD cover) – $85
  • Audio Book Cover – $60 (and up depending on design and number of consultations)
  • Redesign of an already completed PWD product – 40% of final cost of product

*Pre-made covers gallery is at the bottom of this page.

Other Marketing Products:

  • Bookmark Custom Design – one sided – $20
  • Bookmark Custom Design – two sided – $25
  • Business Card Custom Design – $15
  • Bookplate Custom Design – $15
  • Online Custom Banners – Starting at $25
  • Printable Custom Banners – Starting at $35

Advertising banners can be made in all shapes and sizes, and can be customized for printing on marketing products, as well as online use on: your blog/website, blog tour, social media outlets (facebook, twitter, goodreads, etc), and email and forum signatures.

If what you had in mind is not in the price list above, please contact me and we can discuss what you need in more detail. I am always willing to try something new, as long as it fits my other criteria for content.



Payment must be received before I begin and that will constitute an agreement between us for the work. If, for some reason, you end the agreement after payment has been made and work begun, there is a 50% non-refundable charge. This will be deducted from your payment before any refund is given. Please contact me for available payment options.


Finished Files:

Finished files provided to you will be in 300 DPI, and will be in both jpeg and png format. This is the optimal size for printing purposes, but if you desire up to 600 DPI, a $5 charge will be added per cover image. I will not provide the photoshop layered files as they are all my own creations. These images provided may be used by the author in their entirety for marketing purposes. However, they cannot be altered or layers taken out by others. If this is needed, please contact me personally about doing the project for you, as these layers are all my own creations and thus, individually, are my copyrighted products.


Cover Images:

It is up to you to provide all images that you wish to use on the front and back cover of your book. You can find stock images online for a small fee or sometimes for free by searching “stock photo images.” Be aware that some photos that are sold are based on the number of times you use them.

If you would like something more specific for your cover, I have the names of a few photographers you can contact. (Any service they provide WILL NOT be included in my prices. You will need to work out a payment with them for their services.)

Before I use your images, I must confirm that one of the following applies:

  • You hold the copyright on the image.
  • You have permission from the copyright holder to use their image. (This must be in writing).
  • It is an image in the public domain, meaning it is no longer held under copyright law.

If you have any questions about copyrights and fair-use rights this article explains it all very well. If you are still confused, I will gladly talk with you about your particular needs.

All images I receive from you must be at least 300 DPI and must be no smaller than the size you want it on your book. This is to ensure you receive a quality product. All artist work must also be in digital format, 300 DPI or greater. If you are not sure if an image you have is 300 DPI, send it to me, and I will let you know. If you saved an online image, please send me the url as well. Be aware that many images your find online (old portraits especially) have already graced other books, but I will ensure that your cover stands out from the others.

You are completely responsible for the blurb or story synopsis used on the back of your print book cover. Please have it completely edited for grammatical and spelling errors before you send it to me.


I will take into account your personal choices for style and font, however not all fonts can be used for commercial purposes. I will provide you with a list of the fonts I have available which are free to use. If you find another not on my list and you are certain it is a commercial use font, I will gladly look into it and add it to the list in the future. If you find a commercial use font that is not free, the purchase price of the font will be added to the cost of your book cover.

The Process:

If you have any specific ideas in mind, please let me know. If you cannot put it into words, perhaps a sketch will do? I find that sometimes the best inspiration comes in just looking at book covers to see what appeals to me. So if that works for you, go to and look up “Jane Austen Variations” and make a list of what covers you like. I shall try to accomplish that same feel with your design as I am always willing to find what will be most pleasing to you, the author.

I know there are some who prefer to leave the complete design to the professional, and if that is you then I can work with that as well. I may ask you a few questions to get the inspiration flowing.

One belief I have is that the cover of a book should have some meaning to the story within its pages. So I ask that you please provide for me a synopsis of your story for the purpose of inspiration and to ensure I get the right feel for your cover. No need to fret over specific wording, as only I will ever see your synopsis, and I am not grading it. I guarantee that any file you send will be used only to ensure you receive the best product possible.

I will do my best to design your cover quickly, but it could take as little as two weeks or up to a month,depending on the projects I am currently working on and the detail involved in your project. The process can be hindered if I send you an email asking a question and there is a delay in hearing back from you. Please answer all my emails promptly to keep from extending this process further.

Once I have a design I will send you a proof copy for approval. If there is anything you do not like, something does not look or feel right, please let me know. I can only fix what you point out. My goal is to provide exactly what you want in a book cover. Do not be afraid to tell me what you think, for my job is to work with you until the design is perfect.


I know to some this is obvious, but I have been asked many times about providing artistic designs, so I must set the record straight. I cannot draw. I cannot paint. I am not an artist. (In fact, I was highly encouraged to join the choir instead after a week of art class in high school, because I could not even draw a stick man straight). My talent is in digital design, not in art. If you want an artist to draw or paint your images, you will need to contact someone else who has that talent. I recommend looking for an artists at Etsy or Elance.


Often it takes a few tries to get what you want to be expressed on the cover, so please have patience with the process.


To see the current pre-made covers available, please visit here: