Another New Cover!!

As I explained in my last blog post, when I first started publishing I didn’t really have a set “style” for my book covers, but after a while that style seemed to emerge. So in an attempt to have all my books look similar, I am redoing some of the older ones.


This time it is the book – Just to Hear ‘I Love You’ – that got a new look!




I know this process doesn’t interest everyone, but it does some, so if I bore you then I apologize now.


The original cover gave me fits from the start. This is one cover where I learned the hard way that what was in my mind was never going to happen on the cover unless I hired an artist, and that I couldn’t afford. The story centers on Mary Bennet, and tells of her struggles and pitfalls, as well as triumphs, as a deaf girl in the Regency era. So I wanted the cover to convey her essence. But, alas, that never emerged with the first cover. It was nice – pretty colors, and in print especially it looks nice, but it was not ‘Mary’ to me.


So when I was on the search of an idea for a new cover, this image stood out to me. It has a quality of pensiveness that is very Mary-esque, don’t you think? So after getting the opinion of my friend, and her agreeing with me, I decided to go for it and use this picture for the book.


The colors for this one came about simply because I love this color combination. I have never liked pink, and this is far from that, and yet still feminine – again a Mary quality from the story.



And so the new cover was born! I had such fun creating this one – and had to change a few things about the letters and brightness so it could be seen, especially on smaller devices. It has worked out to be one of my favorites! I am now very glad I decided to update this book!


I hope you agree as well!!


The eBook will be updating for you soon automatically. If you own a copy of the old version in print and would like to exchange it for this one, please contact me by either email ( or on facebook about the details.


If you do not yet have this book, here is a little about it as well as the links to purchase it!


Just to Hear ‘I Love You’

An Alternate Tale of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride & Prejudice’

Mary Bennet’s life forever changes when a childhood accident leaves her isolated in a silent world. Her sister Elizabeth emerges as her fiercest champion and unstinting protector. When further tragedy befalls Longbourn, Aunt and Uncle Gardiner embrace their orphaned nieces into their London household.Mary and Elizabeth must face the disapprobation of London society as they endure a Season of intense scrutiny. Will Mary’s own dearest wish— just to hear ‘I love you’ —ever come to be, or will being deaf forever consign her to life apart? The sisters must face their past and Mary’s worst critic when another family’s tragedy lands directly on their doorstep. Will they have the strength to endure for the sake of another? 
September 29, 2014
ISBN: 1500734012
ISBN-13: 978-1500734015
ASIN: B00MWC9370
Print Length: 428 pages
Available in Trade Paperback and eBook from the following retailers:
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